L5R Mechanics

Here you will find all the purely mechanical side of Legend of the Five Rings including any “house rules” that might become relevant. As a note most of the pages here are not designed to be easy to read or cosmetic appeal. Instead they are intended as a database you easily search for when looking for a specific mechanic.

4th Edition Character Creation

Advantages Here are all the Advantages for L5R 4th Edition

Disadvantages Here are all the Advantages for L5R 4th Edition

~ Character Creation Steps

~ Character Progression

~ Dueling Mechanics

House Rules

Karma Points The karma point system that will be used for this campaign.

Called Shots Effects Different effects when you hit someone in the foot or head!

Raises and Manuevers Explanation and some of the effects you can achieve with a Raise.

Void Points For when you need that little bit extra

Hand-to-Hand Combat Mechanics Basic Hand-to-Hand combat, grappling and the mechanics behind the different Jiujutsu styles of Rokugan (and beyond?).

L5R Mechanics

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